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Thin Round 14k Gold Filled Stackable Rings

International Ring Sizes
  • Thin Round 14k Gold Filled Stacking Ring:

    Dainty, rustic, and original. Each ring is different as I leave the solder joint untouched adding texture, occasional "dew drops" of gold, and other "imperfections" that make each ring perfect.

    - Delicate strand of glowing gold.

    - I generally recommend these rings in odd numbers, 1,3,5, etc.

    - Made to order, just for you.

    Each ring is made with high quality American Made 14k yellow gold filled wire. The gold is bonded to the wire and is over 100 times thicker than high quality plated gold. These rings are suitable for daily wear. They are durable & tarnish resistant. Filled gold rings are beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold, and can be worn by people with sensitive skin.


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  • Courier service available in India

    I can mail via USPS which would then transfer to the India Postal Service, OR i can ship DHL Express which is much more money (I would need the address to let you know how much, but figure around $45USD) but also much quicker.



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