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Super Thin Copper Stackable Ring

$ 5.00

These rings are minimal and simple. Dainty Pure Copper bands.

Copper jewelry has a very Bohemian vibe to it and is a beautiful addition to any outfit.

- Delicate hammered copper ring.
- I generally recommend these rings in odd numbers, 1,3,5, etc.
- Made to order, just for you.

Each stacking ring is made with pure copper. This lovely pink metal is
said to help alleviate arthritis and is one of the Tibetan healing metals.

These rings are $5 each, choose the number of rings you want to purchase from the "Quantity" pull down.

{ Details }

• Each ring is about 1mm wide and 1/2mm thick.
• They are super light as it takes six to weigh over a gram.
• Each ring is unique.
• Copper is a reactive metal and may tarnish over time.

{ Ring Sizing }
• If you are going to wear 5 rings I recommend 1/4 size larger.
• If you are going to wear ten on the same finger I recommend a half size larger.

{ My Process }
These copper bands are made of Pure Copper with no solder. I skillfully fuse these rings using recycled Pure Copper smelted in the USA. After I fuse your ring I hammer it to size, creating dozens of shiny facets that sparkle as you move. I then tumble it to harden the metal so it will be as tough as such a small beautiful ring can be. I give the ring a final polish and treat it with microcrystalline jewelry wax to help preserve copper. Then it is packaged and ready to go to its new owner!

All orders are made by hand in my Tehachapi, California studio. I offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on all of my jewelry. I resize all rings for free for life. I want you to love your jewelry as much as I love making it!

{ Production Time } 

Fabrication on all metalsmithed items in my shop is currently 4-9 business days.


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