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Japanese Coin Ring

International Ring Sizes
  • 1938 Japanese 1 Sen Coin Ring with nanoceramic:

    - Glowing Brass Coin Ring

    - Your choice of Nano Ceramic Color. (see photos)

    - Comes in a cute box ready for gift giving.

    - Made to order, just for you.

    These rings are handcrafted using a rare brass Japanese One Sen Coin. Issued only in 1988 they feature a beautiful wave and cherry blossom design that will be on the outside of the ring. The inside of the ring features the date and issuing authority in Japanese script. You can see the coin these are made from in the first photo.

    Each ring has a nanoceramic coating applied to the inside and outside of the ring. I then remove a portion of the coating from the outside to highlight the beauty of the coin. Finally I coat the ring in a clear ceramic. Brass has enough copper in it that untreated metal can be reactive to skin, so I have chosen to apply the nano ceramic on the ring in a way that will prevent the the possibility of harmless "green finger." The nanoceramic will wear off over time, however I offer free replating of the ring as needed just pay postage.

    I offer Size 4-11 for this ring, if you would like smaller size or a larger size please send me message so that we can get you your perfect ring. Smaller rings will be more rounded and larger rings will be more straight sided and the details a bit more stretched. The rings in the photos are size 6-7


Ask a Question
  • Hey, I love the shop. I wanted to order a japanese coin ring, but im a little concerned about the thickness/ the width of them, I prefer things that arent chunky or wide. My ring size is 5.5cm in circumference. Do you know roughly how the ring would come out in that case? Would it be possible to do it without a coloured coating also?

    Hi There!

    That would be a ring size 7.5

    Always round up.

    The rings are about 6mm wide at that size, they are not very thick 1.3mm at the rim side.

    Just email me after you order that you do not want any coloring.




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