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AA Ring, Sobriety, AA anniversary, Alcoholics Anonymous, Coin Ring, Free Engraving

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  • Bronze AA Sobriety Anniversary Coin Ring With Free Engraving

    - Glowing Bronze Coin Ring

    - Your choice of black highlights or shiny bronze

    - Comes in a cute box ready for gift giving.

    - Made to order, just for you.

    These rings are handcrafted using a Bronze AA Sobriety Token. They can be engraved with a date or short word right under the work "Recovery" see the first photo

    Please email me after you order to let me know what you would like engraved. I will send two confirmation emails after your order, respond to either.


Ask a Question
  • Can this be done in a silver coin? If so how much would it be?


    Yes it can, it would be $89

    Let me know if you want that, ill add the option to the website.


  • I am interested in getting one of the Rings in .999 silver I have one now from another place that is a coin ring of course it has a hard Ridge on one end which is uncomfortable do you have your Ridge rolled over when you make yours? I would be interested for sure if so I would like to have a silver one made for dual purpose recovery and wedding ring please let me know thank you

    Hi Wes

    That is the rim of the coin, i could remove the rim before making your ring.

    so you have a .999 silver AA coin ring?

    I can make these they are $115

    Let me know

  • Hi Michael, It took a lot of research to find you. I was finding these all over last spring and I can't find them now. I am interested in the .999 silver sobriety ring in polished finish (non-antique) in men's 9-1/2. I would like one they call a "thin-cut", which is a little lighter in weight. I would order asap, please let me know your lead-time. Thank you.

    Ron I can sell these right now at $107 each.  .999 fine silver.

    When you ask for thin cut, do you mean for me to cut more of the coin center out, it would make for narrower lighter ring, but also you will loose some of the triangle etc, in doing that.

    email me at for billing



  • I'd like to order this in silver. Can you add this option?

    Yes i can make it in .999 Fine silver it is $109, if you want that option let me know and ill post that for you.



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