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24kt Gold Vermeil Stacking Rings

$ 19.00

First, I make a fine silver (99.99% pure silver) stacking ring. Next, I plate the ring in 3 microns of 24kt Gold. (To qualify at Vermeil a ring must be 2.5 microns of gold over silver - normal gold plate is .01 of a micron thick), and finally, what sets my rings apart is I coat the rings in a 20 micron thick coat of clear nano ceramic.

The high-tech ceramic coating is functional as well as beautiful: stronger than metal and hypoallergenic, the ceramic protects against scratching and tarnishing through years of regular wear. The ceramic coating does not effect the feel or sound of the vermeil rings.

I generally recommend wearing these rings in odd numbers: 1, 3, 5 etc.
I offer an ever increasing and unique collection of rings to coordinate with these silver stacking rings (see the last photo). 

{ Details }
• Each ring is about 1mm wide and 1/2mm thick.
• They are super light as it takes four to weigh over a gram.
• Each ring is unique.
• This vermeil ring is at its heart a pure silver ring. It looks great worn by itself or in clusters. Each stacking ring is made with .999% pure silver, otherwise known as “Fine Silver”. Sterling Silver is only .925% silver. Depending on the level of care, the ring may begin to show signs of its original silver color after several years. This result is often a desired, vintage appearance.

{ Ring Sizing }
• If you are going to wear 5 rings I recommend 1/4 size larger.
• If you are going to wear ten on the same finger I recommend a half size larger.

{ My Process }
I fuse each ring together, I do not use solder at all so your ring is as pure silver as you can find! After your ring is fused, I hammer it to size, creating dozens of shiny facets that sparkle as you move. I then tumble it to harden the metal so it will be as tough as such a small beautiful ring can be. Next I plate 3 microns of gold onto the silver ring. I then use a process called electrophoresis to adhere a 20 micron thick coating of nano ceramic onto the ring. After several more steps and curing the ceramic in a kiln I give the ring a final polish and it is ready to be sent to its new owner!

I can add ceramic to your rings at anytime for $4/each and shipping.

All orders are made by hand in my Tehachapi, California studio. I offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on all of my jewelry. I resize all rings for free for life. I want you to love your jewelry as much as I love making it!

…………………………………………✤ …………………………………………

{ Production Time }

Fabrication on all metalsmithed nano-ceramic items in my shop is currently 4-10 business days.

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