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Shadow - The super studio dog

Shadow - The super studio dog

Shadow is one of the dogs you can find on any given day at the Alari Design Studio.  

I first met him in December of 2014.  My friend Russell was looking for a dog at a shelter, he texted me to photos one of Shadow and another of a cute beagle.   I have always been fond of labs, so I recommended him.  We took the newly minted "Shadow" to a wash your dog place and washed a huge amount of dirt out of him.  He weighed 45lbs and appeared about a year old.  Subsequent vet visits addressed his cold, his being underweight and a limp.  Shadow showed fear behavior, lots of fear peeing, and he was terrified of cars.  But over the time I spent with him he was a smart, sweet, and lovable dog.  About two years ago Russell called me late one night and asked if I would take shadow as he couldn't take are of him.

Johnny and I talked and agreed we should get him.  So a few minutes later shadow was mine. He was suffering from a bad rash over most of his body.  A vet trip the next day and lots of money later we treated allegories, and a few different infections.  I started to take Shadow to the studio and he was getting lots of attention and needed love.  About a week later he had to go to the bathroom but could not.  So another vet trip.  They got that fixed but during that process discovered he had a crushed pelvis.  It appears it happened early in his life (probably hit by a car), and had healed on its own, untreated.

You can see how twisted shadow's hips are compared to a normal dog.  That explained his rather funny walk, and lack of jumping (he hops with his front legs). I had figured he was going to suffer from dysplasia.   So several vets at the hospital look at him, and all agreed it is amazing he can walk, and that he probably should have died.  My brave little buddy was also in continual pain.  So now he is on a special diet, occasional pain pills, and a daily allergy pill.

Above all Shadow loves car rides and walks.  On the way to the studio he looks diligently for cows and other dogs both of which he gets excited about.  At the studio he is now the older brother for Pip and Bo our new Chiweenie puppies.

He greets everyone in the morning with howls of delight, he smiles more than any dog I have ever seen.  He is patient and kind.  Of course likes treats, sleeping, and pets.  While at the studio he waits all day to go on the post office run (he often sits right by the mail (photo above) just to make sure we do not forget him.


Every studio should have a dog, or three!




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