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King-George V Coin Rings

King-George V Coin Rings

 The coin shown in the image was similar to the ones used to create these awesome Pice rings.

George V is the emperor engraved into the 1936 Pice coin. He was third in line to the British Monarch which allowed him the freedom to join the Royal Navy. However, this freedom was ended once his elder brother died unexpectedly because he was now the one next in line to inherit the throne.

In 1910 he succeeded his father and became not only a king but also an emperor. In 1911 there was a sort of coronation held in his honor. He was the only King-Emperor to go to this coronation.

While visiting India the newly crown King-Emperor went on a 10 day hunting trip where he killed: 21 tigers, 8 rhinos, and 1 bear. A couple of years later he went to the home of a Lord Burnham and shot over a thousand pheasants.

Throughout his reign there were many new political movements that began to appear, such as: communism, socialism, and fascism. Around the time of the First World War his empire was growing while that of his first cousin Czar Nicholas II of Russia was coming to an end. Fun fact: Czar Nicholas may sound familiar because he was the father of Anastasia Romanov who was the main character of the 1997 20th Century Fox's movie Anastasia.

Now that we're done with that tangent as a concluding statement I will say one more thing about the King-Emperor George V and that is: the love and inseparability between he and his wife showed that what he thought was most important was a person's character and their family values; this and his hard-working attitude were reasons why he was loved by his people.

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